The Complete Food Guide for Football Season

Watching football >
Watching football with the bros >>
Watching football with the bros while enjoying some delicious food >>>
Watching football with the bros while enjoying some delicious food and some ice cold beer >>>>

In honor of this being the last week without a football game until February, we’ll be taking a look at the best foods to have at your football parties this season. These foods can be used for Fantasy Football Drafts, College Football Saturdays, and NFL Sundays. Thanks to this guide, you’ll be able to impress all your bros and your place will soon become the go-to man cave. And what’s the best part about watching games at your house all day and not having to leave? You don’t have to worry about getting a DUI.


This is the easiest one, because there’s only two choices. For Fantasy Football Drafts and NFL Sundays, you have to go with Bud Light (the official beer of the National Football League)

bud light.jpgFor College Football, you have to channel your inner frat boy. Nothing’s better than re-living (or currently living) your college days, so your selection is Natural Light aka Natty Light. Let that party animal come out.

natty light.jpg


Here’s the deal with the sides. You better have A LOT. When Sides are perfectly executed, they last from noon-7ish on College Football Saturday and 1-8ish on NFL Sunday. These sides are to eat on all day long. By the time the sides are gone, you should be contemplating whether you’ll eat again due to being stuffed (and then of course the main course comes out and you eat it). These sides are the highlight of the day. They’ll serve as a conversation starter while satisfying your hunger. You get a lot of different foods while watching a lot of different games at once. You don’t have to get all of these sides, but you’d be the real MVP if you did.

Many people believe that wings serve as a full meal, but my good sir you have never been more than wrong. Of course, these are the main dish out of all the sides, but they wouldn’t be enough alone as the main meal. When getting wings, just keep it simple. Get mild, and get BBQ. THAT IS IT. Don’t get wild and get some crazy ass flavors that no one wants. Just stick with the two traditional flavors. Oh, and get them with bone in. A lot more meat on those than the boneless.


bbq wings.jpg

Building off of Buffalo Chicken, Buffalo Chicken Dip is almost ALWAYS a must have. You can use the dip with tortilla chips or Fritos, it’s your call. Hell, even Ritz crackers works with Buffalo Chicken Dip. Just don’t be a psycho and eat it by itself.

buffalo chicken.jpg

Continuing with the theme of dips/salsa, Loaded Nachos are a great choice. The best way to do this is to have all the ingredients separate, and then let your buddies build their own loaded nachos. I personally like mine with chorizo, onion, black beans, cheddar cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, and of course, salsa. Why did I have to put salsa in the list of ingredients? Because I’m sure some idiot out there would it off the grocery list.

loaded nachos.jpg

More dips here, and it’s just the basic sour cream and onion dip. You can make it on your own, but really you just need to go out and buy a couple of jars of the pre-made Lays dip. Get the Lays Wavy Chips with it. Easy to do.

lays dip.jpg

Moving on from the dips. This is another pretty easy side to make. Just get all the supplies for tacos. The lettuce, the tomatoes, the shredded cheese, just normal taco stuff. Grill up some chicken and steaks, and then just chop them up. Allow your bros to make themselves some steak or chicken tacos.

Skirt Steak Tacos

chicken tacos.jpg

This is the final side I’ll be presenting, and it’s another must have. Potato Skins. Cut up your baked potatoes, get your AMERICAN cheese because this is America, and get your bacon bits. Then just put them in the oven and let the process take care of itself. You can serve it with sour cream after they’re finished, but I prefer mine without.

potato skins


This is much like the beer selection. There’s two choices. One for College Football Saturday, and one for NFL Sunday.

For College Football Saturday, you need to grill a huge supplies of burgers and hot dogs. If you’re like me, you don’t go with just basic hot dogs though. I’m a big fan of bratwursts and cheddarwursts, so I’m grilling those instead of hot dogs. Make sure you have your buns and appropriate condiments. Let your boys dress up their burgers and weiners however they want.


If the weather is impacting your grilling elements, then just go with ordering pizza. Pretty easy to do. If you’re ordering from one of the generic pizza chains, then go with Domino’s. Little Caesars is a great value, but the pizza really isn’t that great. And you can’t order Papa John’s because they’re racist.


If you’re watching NFL Sunday, then that means you have to prepare your Sunday Night Dinner. Traditionally the Sunday Dinner always requires better overall food. Go with steak or prime rib. If you don’t care about the mess, then go with a shit ton of ribs. Decide on the sides with your bro’s the day of.


prime rib.jpg



And there you have it. The Complete Food Guide for Football Season. Whenever your boys ask “damn dude, where’d you get the idea for all this food?” then go ahead and direct them to and let them know that your boy Ace hooked you up. Thank Me Later.


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