Blue Jays Are Trying to Move Roberto Osuna

Osuna was one of the most dominating one pitchers in the game, but has missed a majority of this season due to suspension from domestic-violence issues. Luckily for him, a lot of contenders need bullpen help, and they’re willing to look past his issues if it means he can be a solid go to guy out of the pen for them.

A couple of teams that could pursue Osuna would be the Rockies and the Cardinals. Both bullpens have struggled mightily this season (Rockies 5.17 ERA, Cardinals 4.58 ERA), and with Osuna’s help they might be able to make a late push and sneak their way into the playoffs.

Taking Osuna would probably create a minor outrage from the fanbases due to his domestic-violence case, but the thing about sports is that fans will look past any issues you have as long as you help your team win. Winning fixes everything.


No, that’s not me saying that domestic-violence is ok. Don’t pin that shit on me.


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