Are We Really Supposed to be Impressed by This Bronny James Dunk?

No, this is not me being a hater.

Bronny is 13-years old. Yes, he’s a very good basketball player. Yes, it’s impressive that he can dunk at the age of 13. But I feel like after you take it into account that he’s Lebron James’ son, then it isn’t really that impressive.

If you’re Lebron’s son, then you kind of have to start dunking when you’re 9 or 10-years old. That’s the only way to impress anyone in this world, including your dad.

And before you ask what I was doing when I was 13, just know that I was dropping 30 a night. When I was 13, Jimmer Fredette was the biggest star in the sport (to me), so I modeled my game exactly like him. Maybe one day I’ll practice and get my shot back, just so I can show you all that I’m not full of shit. Or maybe I’ll just pull out some of my AAU film and make my own hoop mixtape. I’d probably get signed to the G-League immediately and then end up in the NBA within a year.

Congrats on dunking, Bronny. You’re just about five years too late.


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