Seahawks Have No Intention of Giving Earl Thomas a New Contract

Either A. The Seahawks are about to entirely rebuild their defense, B. they don’t want to give big money to a safety that’s about to turn 30, or C. they feel like they can easily replace Earl Thomas.

Expect Earl to sit out for as long as he can. Through training camp? No problem. Through preseason? No problem. Expect him to sit out games even in the regular season. Ultimately, Earl Thomas will give in and play at some point this season, with or without a new contract.

There’s also the possibility that Seattle trades Thomas, because it seems to be clear that they don’t want to put up with his contract demands any longer.

Thomas has been to 6 Pro Bowls, and he’s been a First Team All-Pro as well. Thomas was the leading player in Seattle’s Legion of Boom, which helped them win Super Bowl 48 against Denver.

Expect the Seahawks and Thomas to move on from each other by the end of the season, or during the 2019 offseason.


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