Josh Hader Booed by Giants Fans in First Road Appearance Since His Twitter Scandal


Remember when Josh Hader got a standing ovation from the Milwaukee fans in his first appearance since his tweets? Well, apparently San Francisco feels a little bit differently.

I’d say the biggest thing that hurt Hader in this situation was all of his homophobic tweets.

img_3652Being racist and homophobic is never good. Being homophobic and then having to go perform in San Francisco is never good. There’s a lot of gays in San Francisco, so naturally they’ll not like this guy since he doesn’t like them for some reason.

No, that’s not me just saying that a lot of San Francisco is gay. That’s factually known. Check it out.

I hope Hader gets booed in every one of his appearances. Maybe even throw some nachos at him or something. Until it’s clear that he knows how stupid he was for tweeting stuff like that, then let the boos shower him until he can’t take it anymore.


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