Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor Have Their Own RV/Clubhouse


Well, there it is. An RV/Clubhouse for Browns Quarterbacks only. Are all of these guys allowed entrance since they’re proud alumna?

browns jerseyThis is the most updated pic I can find. Yes, I know that there’s some missing. But that’s alright, they’re still allowed in.

When you’re like 13-years old, or older, and you get a clubhouse or say you’re going to a clubhouse, that really just means you’re going in there to smoke some weed with your friends. Maybe listen to some Kid Cudi or Pink Floyd. Just have a good time with your boys and some reefer.

For Cleveland’s sake, I sure hope these fellas ain’t hitting no blunts or bowls. Cleveland has had their fair share of Quarterback issues in the past, and the last thing they need is for their entire Quarterback room to be addicted to the weed.


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