Yankees Get Happ

JA Happ hasn’t even pitched for the Yankees yet and they already hate him. Does he help out their struggling rotation? Barely. But he’s 35-years old, and this looks like it’s an all or nothing year for him and New York. He’s serviceable, but Yankees fans definitely have a reason to be upset.

They could’ve gone out and gotten Jacob DeGrom, or Chris Archer. Even Noah Syndergaard, if the Mets were to make him available. They’re all top-tier pitchers in baseball. Plus they’re all young, so you’d be trading for more than one season out of them. Instead, you’d be trading for a future.

I now ultimately believe that the Brewers are going to go all in and score DeGrom. That leaves the Yankees with Archer. Tampa will be hesitant to trade the guy to a team in the division, but if they’re getting a haul from New York that makes them feel like it’s a fair deal, then you gotta pull the trigger.

But in all reality, I don’t see the Yankees having enough anymore that they’re willing to give up for Archer. It all comes down to how bad they want to win the World Series this year.


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