McGregor Avoids Jail Time

So Conor gets away with going crazy and throwing shit through a bus window. Just shows that you can still do whatever you want when you’re rich and famous.

If this was any poor normie bastard, they’d be locked up and thrown in  a dungeon for the rest of their days. Part of his prison punishment would be that Dana White gets to get all oiled up and naked, then just wrestle the guy in the dark for like an hour. Only once a week though.

But yeah, I didn’t have a problem with anything Conor did. Should’ve just fined him and suspended him. But going to court over all of this? You knew he’d get off.

If you’re rich and famous, you can do anything. You could throw shit through a bus, or you could kill your wife and her FWB and the world wouldn’t bat an eye. The key to the situation, though, is being famous along with having money. If you just have money, then you’re going to prison for sure. But that’s only because the crime you committed is probably some sort of shit involving insider trading. Or you ran a pyramid scheme that’s crippled the New York Mets since.

Congrats on beating the case, Conor. Now we need you to get back in the octagon to beat some ass.


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