Jesse Winker is Done for the Year

Just like that, Winker’s season is done. The guy had a great year, and was definitely a candidate for NL Rookie of the Year. Was he going to win it? No. But nonetheless, he had a hell of a year. The injury shouldn’t cause too much trouble for Winker. Expect him to be ready to go and near 100% by the time spring training comes back around.

Winker ends the year with a .299 AVG and a .405 OBP. He also hit 7 home runs and drove in 43 RBIs.

Expect the Reds to not move Billy Hamilton or Adam Duvall now, since they’ll probably become every day players again. Unless the haul is just too good to pass up.

Since we won’t see anymore of Winker for the season, let’s look back at some of his more memorable moments.


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