Dale’s Fantasy Corner: Quarterback Rankings

It’s that time of year folks! Football season is so close I can feel it. More importantly fantasy is almost here which means it’s time to prepare for your upcoming draft, which hopefully is not for until during the last week of preseason. Ask anybody who drafted Edelman or Spenser Ware about having early drafts.

Just to give you an idea about what I’m going to be doing with Dale’s fantasy corner. I will be providing position rankings once a week for the next month to give you my take on who I like and dislike coming up this 2018 season. I will also be posting during the season as well discussing the biggest performers of the week and who shit the bed as well. So with out further a do, here are my top 25 QB’s…..

1. Tom Brady

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Carson Wentz

4. Deshaun Watson

5. Drew Brees

6. Russell Wilson

7. Cam Newton

8. Matthew Stafford

9. Jimmy Garroppolo

10. Phillip Rivers

11. Kirk Cousins

12. Ben Rothlisberger

13. Jared Goff

14. Andrew Luck

15. Patrick Mahomes

16. Matt Ryan

17. Dak Prescott

18. Derek Carr

19. Marcus Mariota

20. Blake Bortles

21. Case Keenum

22. Mitchell Trubisky

23. Jameis Winston

24. Andy Dalton

25. Eli Manning

These rankings weren’t easy to determine due to the fact that I don’t believe there is a QB this year that really sticks out. I chose Brady of Rodgers which really just came down to who has the most weapons and Brady wins that for me. However I could also see Rodgers putting the ball in the air more often since the Pats could be in quite a few blow out games. One downside to Rodgers as well is he has to play that Minnesota defense twice, which is a fantasy matchup nightmare.

I had Patrick Mahomes at 15, but also I believe he has a tremendous upside and could be as good as Carson Wentz was last year. Andy Reid is most likely going to run the offense through Kareem Hunt, but I like the long ball ability of Mahomes and his ability to run is off the charts. One guy I absolutely love this year and I have him at 4 but could end up being the leading scoring this year is Deshaun Watson. Everything that has come out about his rehab and recovery process from his ACL tear have been positive and i wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see Houston light it up this year offensively.

Stay tuned for my Running back rankings coming soon…..


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