Ace’s Picks of the Day Presented by ThriveFantasy: 7/26/2018

ThriveFantasy is a great Daily Fantasy Sports App that engages the every day fan, and it’s easy to access on any iOS or Android Device, as well as the web. You select 10 of the 20 options for over or under on player’s props, and then enter your choice of contests. The more props you get right, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the higher you finish in the standings. The higher you finish in the standings, the higher your payout is. Go Checkout ThriveFantasy and start earning money for your sports knowledge TODAY. Use this link right here and receive an additional $5 credit when you make your first deposit on ThriveFantasy.

thrive fantasy

  1. Mark Trumbo-.5 HRs UNDER 55 points
  2. Alex Gordon-.5 Runs+RBIs OVER 95 points
  3. Sonny Gray-5.5 K’s OVER 105 points
  4. Xander Bogaerts-2.5 Total Bases UNDER 65 points
  5. Mookie Betts-.5 Steals UNDER 50 points
  6. Rhys Hoskins-.5 Hits OVER 90 points
  7. Joey Votto-1.5 Total Bases OVER 115 points
  8. Bryce Harper-.5 RBIs OVER 110 points
  9. Manny Machado-.5 HRs OVER 140 points
  10. Ronald Acuna-.5 Runs OVER 115 points

In ThriveFantasy, you select 2 ICE Bets, which basically serve as a tiebreaker if your original point totals from your 10 bets come out even with someone else. Head over to ThriveFantasy and make your first deposit with this link right here, receive a $5 bonus with your first deposit, use this lineup of 10, select your two very own ICE Bets, and start winning money today.


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