Maybe the Spurs Training Staff Does Have Some Issues

”Bleacher Report-Danny Green played hurt this past season, but as it turns out, he didn’t know the extent of his injury until the season was over.

Green recently revealed on his Inside the Green Room with Danny Green podcast (14:25 mark) that while he knew he strained his groin in an early December game against the Boston Celtics, it wasn’t until his exit physical at the end of the season that he found out he suffered a tear.

He does not know how long he played with the tear or if it occurred at a different time than the strain.”

A training staff’s job is it to take care of you after an injury. It looks like the San Antonio Spurs training staff doesn’t really want to do their job.

Whether you’re Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, or even the mascot, it doesn’t matter if you’re hurt. If you’re injured then oh well! Your ass better get out there and make us some money and shoot some hoops!

Maybe Kawhi was right after all for being so open about all of the issues. Well good news for you Kawhi and Danny. You all are out of that place. I’m sure Toronto’s training staff will take care of you all juuuuuuust fine.


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