Tebow Out for Rest of Year

Minor League Baseball Insider Adam Schefter is reporting that former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow broke his hamate bone in his hand from swinging a bet. Can’t help but to blame it all on the New York Mets bad mojo.

I’ve never heard of a hamate bone, but if Schefter says that he’s out for the year then I mean he’s out for the year. Not going to question it.

Tebow was named to the Double A All-Star Team for the Eastern League this year. Many were expecting the Mets to call Tebow up soon just so maybe something positive could happen for them this season. Nope. Not gonna happen. Cespedes needs some weird surgery on his heels. Syndergaard has hand, foot and mouth disease. And now Tebow has a broke hand just from swinging a bat.

It must be miserable to be a Mets fan. Maybe next year, guys.


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