OKC Gets Rid of Carmelo

Oklahoma City has agreed to ship Carmelo off to Atlanta with a protected first round pick in the 2022 Draft (idk if that’s even a real year). OKC will receive Dennis Schroder and Mike Muscala in the trade.

Schroder will be a great backup PG for OKC. With his speed and ball handling skills, they’re basically getting back Reggie Jackson who they traded a few years ago to Detroit. Schroder is set to make $15.5M over the next three seasons. OKC is planning on trading Muscala.

Atlanta will buyout Melo and he’ll get his entire $27.9M salary, which is just an absolutely outrageous amount of money for a washed up out of shape loser (loser, because he’s never won. so he’s literally a loser). Carmelo met with Miami and Houston during the summer league, and Houston is still believed to be the front runners to sign Melo.


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