Kawhi Leonard Will Still End Up in LA, the Spurs Won This Trade

The San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors have worked a deal that involves Kawhi Leonard and Demar Derozan. The Raptors also receive Danny Green, and the Spurs get Jakob Poeltl and a first round pick for 2019 that’s protected 1-20.

Well, Toronto. You better hope you win it all this year because this is your last chance. Kawhi becomes a free agent next summer, and you are utterly stupid if you think he is going to re-sign. This is a guy that was doing everything he could to end up in LA, but the Lakers weren’t giving up too much of their young talent because they know that Kawhi will end up in LA in just one year.

The Raptors are hoping to pull a move similar to what Paul George and OKC did. Get him in the building, show him that life in this place isn’t too bad, and then re-sign him after a year.

News flash: Paul George didn’t sign with OKC because of Oklahoma City. He re-signed because he feels like he can win there with Russell Westbrook. Who the hell is Kawhi Leonard going to win with in Toronto??? Kyle Lowry? Jonas Valanciunas???? You know he Kawhi can win with? LEBRON JAMES, IN LOS ANGELES.

The Raptors definitely got better for this upcoming season because of this trade, but it looks like they’re putting all of their eggs in one basket and hoping that this season is the one. Unfortunately it won’t be, because this deal didn’t make them as good as the Celtics, or even the 76ers. Kawhi will play this year, he’ll be great, they’ll lose in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and then he’ll be on a PJ to Los Angeles.

The Spurs got Demar Derozan, an All-Star, who will probably re-sign with the team when his contract runs out. A Demar Derozan that will re-sign > a Kawhi Leonard that will leave after this season.

San Antonio won this trade.


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