The Reds Got Mike Matheny Fired

This is what the Cincinnati Reds do. We come into your city and we HUMILIATE you in front of your own friends, families, and fans. We leave you scrambling, looking for answers. Should we trade this guy??? Should we cut this guy???? Should we call up him??? Should we demote that dude???

St. Louis was scrambling for an answer. Someone’s got to be the fall guy. It looks like they decided to take Mike Matheny behind the shed and put him down. You really had no other choice if you’re the Cardinals. I expect half of the National League to fire their managers by the end of the season because of us.

Cincinnati won Game 1 of the series 9-1 and took Game 2 yesterday 8-2. They’ll probably win today to finish off the sweep.

Cincinnati is 40-34 after starting the season 3-15.


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