Home Run Derby Memories: Griffey Jr Takes Down Thome at Coors Field

Over the next few days, we’ll be looking at some of our favorite MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby Memories. For today’s Home Run Derby memory, we’re going to check out Ken Griffey Jr take the crown at Coors Field in 1998.

Initially, The Kid didn’t plan on competing in the Home Run Derby. So when Griffey showed up for batting practice the day before the Home Run Derby, fans began to boo him. If I was a fan and I had the chance to see Ken Griffey Jr participate in a Home Run Derby at Coors Field, only to have him decide to not participate, then you bet your ass I’m booing him every chance I get. Realistically, all these fans would’ve had to do was just call him a pussy or something. Then he’s obligated to participate in the Home Run Derby.

But I guess booing did work. Griffey talked about how he never likes to be booed, and how no one should ever be booed at an All-Star Game/Event. The Kid gave the fans what they wanted, and he went out and won the Derby by defeating Jim Thome in the final round.


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