Ray Lewis Loses 350K Twitter Followers Because He Bought Them All

“Sporting News- Pro Football Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, the former NFL linebacker turned TV analyst, lost almost half of his 712,000 followers this week in Twitter’s purge of fake accounts, Pro Football Talk reported.
Twitter’s purge followed a New York Times report on the booming business of the fake accounts, through a company called Devumi and frequently paid for by sports and entertainment celebrities presumably to give the impression that their influence is larger than it might be.
Per the Times:
“The actor John Leguizamo has Devumi followers. So do Michael Dell, the computer billionaire, and Ray Lewis, the football commentator and former Ravens linebacker. Kathy Ireland, the onetime swimsuit model who today presides over a half-billion-dollar licensing empire, has hundreds of thousands of fake Devumi followers, as does Akbar Gbajabiamila, the host of the show “American Ninja Warrior.” Even a Twitter board member, Martha Lane Fox, has some.”​
Lewis’ follower count appears to have been hit particularly hard. Before the Times’ report, Lewis had 712,000 followers. As of early Friday, that number had fallen to 363,000 followers.”

Tough look here. Almost everyone had twitter bots as followers. You can’t control that. But sometimes, people buy Twitter bots to boost their follower count, and here’s a prime example of it.

Ray definitely cared what his followers count was. It wasn’t high enough for him, so naturally he decided to change that. Instead of putting in the work and churning out great tweets to gain followers, he took the easy way out and decided to buy them. Nothing wrong with that. There’s been plenty of times on this website that I’ve said why work hard for anything when you can just buy it? It saves time, and time is more valuable than money.

I know that this is a very unimportant post, but I just think it’s funny to talk about. You go from 712,000 followers to 363,000? It must be pretty embarrassing having people know that you bought half of your followers because no one really cares about anything you have to say even though you’re one of the greatest football players of all-time. This must be an extremely tough obstacle for Ray to try to overcome since his Hall of Fame Induction is so close. Hope you can bounce back big time, buddy.

“Oh he still has 363,000 followers Ace, you don’t even have 700.”

Shut the fuck up. If I was on Ray Lewis’ level of fame, I’d have a billion twitter followers.


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