Montgomery Biscuits Plan to Host a Millennial Night

Two Minor League Baseball blogs to start off your Friday morning. Welcome to sports in July.


Not really getting the Montgomery Biscuits’ approach here. Free tickets, participation ribbons, selfie stations, and napping areas? Sounds like they’re about to lose an ass-ton of money.

I suppose the Biscuits are trying to get millennials into the ball park just so they can see what Minor League Baseball is all about. A lot of these damn millennials just sit at home and play their Fortnite, or start a sports blog where they post 15 times a day and don’t leave the room. Then they get on the internet and complain and shit. Sad!

Most of them just assume that baseball sucks, and they think it’s boring. I’ve said my whole life that Minor League Baseball is one of the best sources of entertainment out there, since the fans don’t care too much and the home team is just trying to make a buck. You get to see all kinds of wild shit, as long as it entertains the fans.

Once the millennials show up to complain about the promotion and they get in free, then I believe that they too will fall in love with the game of baseball. If they don’t, then oh well. You got to risk it if you’re the Biscuits.


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