DeMarco Murray is Retiring from Football

The former All-Pro running back is calling it quits after a 7-year career. Murray played four seasons with the Cowboys, one with the Eagles, and three with the Titans. In 2014, Murray led the NFL in rushing and was the Offensive Player of the Year.

Murray was a free agent this off-season, and no one really came to him with an offer to play. I suppose Murray decided “eh, I made my money and I’m 30-years old. I’m getting the fuck out before I get seriously injured.” Or he just did the old classic “oh, no one is interested in hiring me? Well, you can’t hire me EVER, because I’m retiring!”

It’s kind of like the alternate version of “you can’t fire me, I quit!”

Enjoy retirement, DeMarco. I have a feeling you’ll be back in the league in a year or two just to get a couple of more checks though, so I won’t say goodbye just yet.


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