Ace’s Picks of the Day: 7/13/2018

Rangers -117 @ Orioles

Might be Cole Hamels last start for the Rangers before he gets traded, so he’ll probably try to put on a good showing so the Yankees will take him. I always bet against Baltimore.

Indians -104 vs Yankees

Bieber on the mound tonight for the Indians, and he’s been solid so far for them. You’re also an idiot if you don’t think I’m going to bet on a guy with the same name as the greatest musician in our generation. Plus, I think Domingo German sucks. It’s early in his major league career, but he sucks.

Red Sox -1.5 (-115) and -205 vs Blue Jays

Name one time I haven’t put the Red Sox in my picks of the day. And if you look back on all the picks of the day, you’ll notice I just pick the same teams and pitchers over and over and over.

Astros -1.5 (-130) and -260 vs Tigers

Read above reasoning for Boston, but take out Red Sox and put Astros.

Dodgers -160 vs Angels

I love Walker Buehler, and I think he’s the NL Rookie of the Year (as of right now). Plus the Dodgers have been red hot, and they’ve just taken over the lead in the NL West.


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