The Lebron Mural is Gone

It sucks to see this just because the guy that painted it worked so hard on it. Imagine how many hours it took for this huge ass mural to be completed. And then suddenly, POOF, it’s gone.

lebron mural
The whole “We don’t want you” comment from the vandal is mind-blowing. And then you realize that this probably isn’t an actual Lakers fan, and instead just some asshole trying to make Lakers fan look bad all while hating on Lebron.

I’ve came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a Lakers fan because…..why in the hell would it be a Lakers fan? If there are Laker fans out there that are actually mad that the best player in the world joined your team, then jump off a bridge. He’s actually going to make your team competitive and relevant again, and you’re sitting here and complaining that he decided to come to LA???? Get a life.


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