The 2018 Home Run Derby Bracket Has Been Set. Who Do You Think Will Win?

2018 home run derby

The best thing about this year’s home run derby is that it’s mostly young guys that we haven’t gotten to see before. In fact the only one that we’ve seen before is Bryce Harper.

I’m going to make this blog quick and easy, and I’m just going to make my picks and then let you all talk about it.

I got Jesus (everyone should have Jesus in their life, amen) over Hoskins, Schwarber over Bregman, Harper over Freeman, Baez over Muncy. Schwarber over Jesus, Harper over Javier.

Ultimately in the finals, I think Bryce Harper takes down Kyle Schwarber. This season has been a disaster for the Nationals, and they’re not having the kind of season that they had hoped for. Hell, even Harper isn’t having that great of a season. He’s only hitting .213, but he has 22 home runs to go with it. I ain’t no mathematician, but I’m assuming that means all of his hits are probably home runs if his average is that low. Right?

This will be the highlight of the Nationals season. Having their hometown guy win the Home Run Derby. Man, I bet it’s going to hurt like hell for Nationals fans whenever Harper leaves.


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