NBA is Ready to Allow High School Players Back In

“theScore- If NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s latest comments are any indication, it’s just a matter of time until the league gets rid of its controversial “one-and-done” rule, which stipulates that players must either be one year removed from high school graduation or at least 19 years of age to be eligible for the draft.
“My personal view is that we’re ready to make that change,” Silver said Tuesday in Las Vegas, according to the Associated Press’ Tim Reynolds.
“It won’t come immediately. But when I’ve weighed the pros and cons, given that Condoleezza Rice and her commission have recommended to the NBA that those one-and-done players now come directly into the league and in essence the college community is saying, ‘We do not want those players anymore,’ I think that tips the scale in my mind.”
The rule was instituted back in 2006, with Amir Johnson (2005) being the last player to make the jump beforehand. Other noteworthy names to have made the leap include Kevin Garnett (1995), Kobe Bryant (1996), Tracy McGrady (1997), and LeBron James (2003).
Michele Roberts, who was just re-elected for a second four-year term as executive director of the NBPA, said Tuesday she expects there to be an update on the status of the league’s age limit in “the next few months,” according to the Washington Post’s Tim Bontemps.
A memo was reportedly sent out by the NBA last month advising the league’s 30 teams that the one-and-done rule could be gone by 2021 or 2022, but no earlier.
While Silver is seemingly on board, such a move would need to be collectively agreed upon by both the players’ union and NBA owners.”

This 100% needs to be done. It just sucks that it won’t happen until 2021 or 2022. If a player is good enough to play in the NBA straight out of high school, then why should they have to go waste a year of their career playing in college?

NBA-caliber players go to college because they have to, not because they want to. You don’t think they’d go straight to the league if they could? They’d do it in a heartbeat. What happens when you get to college and you get hurt? I don’t know, ask Michael Porter Jr, or Nerlens Noel. They both were potential #1 picks, but slipped because of injuries sustained while in COLLEGE, playing FOR FREE, instead of playing in the NBA where they could get the MILLIONS they deserve.

Some of these kids need money right away to help with their family situation, too. And what happens when they can’t go straight to the league to get their money? Shoe companies come to them. Wear this shoe, wear that shoe. Here’s $100K. Then next thing you know, coaches are getting fired and programs are being subpoenaed. Corruption. But what do you expect? If it’s involved with the NCAA, it’s corruption. The NCAA won’t allow these schools to pay the players, even though they’re making millions off them. You have to get your money somehow, so why not take these under the table deals?

Plus, getting rid of all of the one and done players improves college basketball. It improves the quality of play, and the fanship as a whole. It’s fatiguing for fans to have to cheer for these players for a year, only for them to leave after the season. Then you get a whole new group in, and then they leave. It’s like a rotating door. Fans feel they can’t develop any attachment to the players, which leads to them feeling detached to the program. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I know plenty of people that don’t even keep up with college basketball anymore for those exact reasons.

It’s been time to get rid of this one and done rule for awhile, and I’m glad Adam Silver is stepping in to change things.


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