Madden Ratings are Out, Tom Brady Has a Higher Catch Rating than Nick Foles


Well, there it is. Brady has a 39 catch rating, and Nick Foles has a 32 catch rating. I guess the guys over at EA Sports didn’t do too much research.

The eye in the sky don’t lie. Now which quarterback would I rather have leading my team on an actual NFL Sunday? Brady, of course. I rather have Brady in my Madden Franchise as well. But when I’m running a trick play, you best believe I’m putting Foles in over Brady. We saw what happens to Tom if you ask him to do anything other than be really smart and throw a football. He shuts down. Tom Brady is probably the least athletic professional athlete of all-time, but he’s still the greatest at his position. Please don’t put him out of his comfort zone and ask him to catch a pass anytime soon, Josh McDaniels. I don’t think I would be able to handle the second-hand embarrassment again.


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