Kliff Kingsbury Talks About Johnny Football’s Scooby-Doo Photos

“YARDBARKER- Kliff Kingsbury was the offensive coordinator at Texas A&M when Johnny Manziel became a household name, so he knows more than most about all the things — good and bad — the quarterback did while in college. Kingsbury could probably tell stories for hours, and he told a great one on Wednesday.
In an appearance on Manziel’s “Comeback Szn” podcast for Barstool Sports, Kingsbury spoke about the infamous photo of Manziel wearing a Scooby-Doo costume at a Halloween party dancing with a woman in her underwear. The photo was apparently taken the night before Texas A&M left for a road game against Mississippi State, and Manziel showed up late the next day.

The partying antics didn’t seem to impact Manziel’s game-day performance. He completed a ridiculous 30-of-36 passes for 311 yards and rushed for another 129 yards and two touchdowns. The Aggies won the game, 38-13.
Of course, Manziel’s love of drinking and partying eventually caught up to him, and he opened up about that recently.”

This is one of the best stories I’ve ever heard. Kingsbury talking about the coaching staff seeing the picture the morning after and knowing why Johnny was late to the walkthrough is pure gold. In most situations, coaches would bench a player for being drunk and not showing up in time for a walkthrough. But could you really do that to the Heisman front runner that had been carrying you all season?

Like the article says, Manziel went out there and went crazy. On the podcast, Kingsbury says that after that game he realized that Johnny Football was not a human, which was true.

I would have loved to be around Johnny Manziel in college just so I could witness everything he was able to get away with it. But hey, when you’re the Heisman you get to live like that.

Unfortunately, Johnny’s recklessness caught up to him. But let’s not talk about that, and let’s just reminisce on the good days.



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