If You’re Having a Shitty Year and You Cuss Your Coach Out, You’re Going to Get Sent Down

2017-2.30 ERA, 34 saves, 1.9 WAR

2018-4.99 ERA, 12 saves, -0.3 WAR

Yeah, so Giles has been struggling a bit. He’s a great young pitcher, but this hasn’t been his year. But no matter how much you’re struggling, you don’t drop a big “fuck you” to your coach. That’s just asking to be traded, released, or optioned. And sure enough, Giles got sent down.

Hopefully he finds his groove in Fresno. He’s a fun guy to watch, plus I always love getting to see psychopath pitchers take the mound. Either they do really well and go crazy while emasculating the batter, and if they struggle then they physically destroy themselves and everything around them. ALWAYS fun to watch.


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