Verlander Gave Max Stassi an Earful Last Night

I truly wish I was out there to hear this conversation. Stassi must’ve been calling an awful game, so maybe Verlander just had to go ahead and set him straight one time for the one time. Or maybe it was something as simple as Stassi didn’t frame a pitch, so Verlander had to go ahead and drop about 50 f-bombs in 30 seconds to set Stassi straight.

And then there’s always the possibility that Verlander was just simply talking about how much he loves his wife, Kate Upton.

verlander upton
I used to think Kate Upton was extremely hot, but now I’m just kind of meh to her. JV looking like a whole snack in the pic above, though.

I guess Verlander and Stassi were able to figure things out to get the job done, since he tossed 6 scoreless innings for the ‘stros.

Checkout this other Kate Upton and Justin Verlander pic. Kind of a cliché Halloween Costume.



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