Steph Curry’s Soon to be Brother-In-Law Agrees to Deal with the Warriors

Lee is Steph Curry’s future brother-in-law, so maybe Curry was just helping out family. Nothing wrong with that if you’re Lee, since now you have a job in the NBA and you get a ring at the end of the season.

Lee agreed to a 2-way deal with the Warriors, meaning he’ll split time between the G-League and the NBA.

Lee played 15 games last season for the Atlanta Hawks, and he averaged 10.9 PPG to go with 4.7 rebounds. Lee played at Drexel in college, and then played one season at Louisville as a grad transfer.

Realistically, I think the Warriors see potential in Lee. 10.9 PPG in your first 15 NBA games is pretty impressive, even if you do play for the awful Atlanta Hawks. Maybe Lee could develop into a contributing player in a year or two, and they just used the whole brother-in-law with Stephen Curry schtick to get him to sign.

Warriors are basically going 82-0 now with this signing.


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