Francona says he Said OP, not OT


Last night, the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Cleveland Indians in the greatest baseball game of all-time. Is that an exaggerated statement? Sure. But I don’t care.

Cleveland went into the Top of the 9th inning up 4-0, and after 8 scoreless innings from Trevor Bauer they brought in Cody Allen. Allen basically self-destructed, and gave up three runs while recording only two outs. Allen walked Dilson Herrera to load the bases, and Francona had no choice but to pull him. Bases loaded. Two Out. Indians lead 4-3. Joey Votto at the plate.

Francona claims he ordered Lefty Oliver Perez to be up and throwing in the pen, so he could get the lefty vs lefty matchup against Votto. Perez has thrown 11.2 innings this season for Cleveland, and he’s only given up 1 run so far. Needless to say, Francona must’ve shit himself when Dan Otero came out.

Otero has given up 22 earned runs in just 34.2 IP. Plus, he was a righty facing a left-handed hitter. And not just any left-handed hitter. Joey. Fucking. Votto.

Votto sent one in the gap with a full count, three runs scored, and then Votto scored on a Eugenio Suarez single. Reds score 7, and win 7-4.

Well, Mr. Francona. I have some advice to make sure this never happens again. Next time you pick up the bullpen phone, say “I want Perez”, or “I want Allen”, or “I want Otero.” It’s crazy how if you just say the guys name, then the right guy will come out of the bullpen. Don’t try to get all cute with your fancy little nicknames. Shitty nicknames, too. Not even anything cool. You looked at Oliver Perez one day and formed the nickname OP, which is honestly acceptable. It’s his initials, and it could also stand for Over Powering. A very scary nickname for a pitcher. But then if you turned the corner and saw Dan Otero, and came up with the nickname OT because those were the first two letters in his last name, then I honestly don’t think you’re competent enough to manage a major league ball club. I would’ve gave Otero the nickname D.O. which is short for (Please get a god) Damn Out.

Such a Cleveland way to lose a game. Expect the Reds to sweep the series tonight.


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