Donte DiVincenzo Needs His First NBA Paycheck in the Worst Way

$2 in the checking account and $1 in the savings account. Tough life, but definitely something that all of us college students have gone through. My checking account usually doesn’t get that low, but you can talk to my three credit cards about that.

Donte was the 17th pick in the first round of this past NBA Draft, and it looks like the Bucks need to send some money his way as soon as ASAP (Michael Scott quote, folks. Big time “The Office” guy over here).

DiVincenzo signed his rookie contract, so he should be getting some money anytime now.

How crazy would it be if like, this guy that won the Most Outstanding Player award for the Final Four got some money in college. I mean, I bet he made a ton of money for Villanova and the NCAA. You’d think that they’d give him at least a very small percentage in return for his hard work and commitment!


….nah, never mind. Such a crazy concept. The NCAA paying student-athletes? LOL. Sorry guys, don’t know what I was thinking!


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