Best Players Still Available in NBA Free Agency

1. Clint Capela

Capela is a restricted free agent, and you know Houston is going to match any offer that he agrees to since he’s basically their only dependable big man. Not too many teams have the cap space available anymore to sign Capela, and the ones that could make a push for him don’t see the need to clear the necessary cap space to get him since the Rockets will just match the offer.

2. Marcus Smart

marcus smart
Marcus Smart is a confusing player. What you get with Smart is an inefficient, but high energy player. Smart plays with a lot of energy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a playmaker. It just simply means he’s gonna show up, give a lot of effort, actually play defense, and then probably get out of control and throw up a random shot or turn the ball over. Sacramento missed out on Zach LaVine after the Bulls matched his offer sheet, and it was reported that they then began to talk to Smart. Smart definitely wouldn’t get Lavine level money from the Kings, but if he did he’d be stupid to not sign. If Smart agrees to a big enough contract with someone, I don’t see the Celtics matching it. They have Kyrie returning from injury, and Terry Rozier proved he is a very effective player and can lead the team whenever Kyrie needs a break. Smart probably won’t get a big offer, and he’ll probably play with the Celtics this upcoming season for his $6.1M Qualifying Offer. That means Smart would return to Free Agency next season.

3. Isaiah Thomas

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks
Thomas had a huge year two-years ago for the Celtics, but it looks like he’s not ready to accept that he won’t ever have that large of a role for a team ever again. He basically broke his hip, and it doesn’t help that he’s only 5’9″. IT is expecting big-time money, which he definitely won’t get considering the injury, the height, and the reports coming out of the Cavaliers locker room that he was apparently a cancer to the team. IT’s best bet is to sign a one-year deal with a playoff bound team and be a sixth man for them. He can provide scoring off the bench and keep the offense running when the starting PG needs a break. After his one-year of proving he can still help lead a team, he’ll ultimately get a larger contract with a shitty team so he can go score 20 PPG while only winning like 25 games a year.

4. Jabari Parker

jabari parker
Injury after injury has derailed Parker’s career, but he’s still a solid player. Parker doesn’t need to be the scorer that the Bucks once needed him to become thanks to the emergence of Giannis. Parker will probably play this season with the Bucks on a Qualifying Offer, unless they can sign him to a 2-3 year deal that they think is good value for what they’re getting. But like I said, if I was Jabari I’d play this year on a qualifying offer, I’d play well (just because), and then I’d get out of town and get PAID before I got hurt again.

5. Dwyane Wade

Yeah I guess this guy’s still not retired. So, why not do this? Let’s try it again.

dwade lakers



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