Adam Pacman Jones Gets in a Fight at an Airport. Believe it or Not, It Wasn’t His Fault.

So all the reports are saying that this dude made some gesture towards Pacman, and Pacman didn’t appreciate it. That means he probably flipped him off, or made the sign with his index and middle fingers insinuating that Pacman is a female’s private parts.

So naturally, the two start chirping back and forth and back and forth, and then it looks like things for the most part get separated. Situations defused before it gets too far along.

Until this guy decided to act tough.

It’s a great idea/strategy to attack first. Get your first shots in, because that’s the only way you’re going to beat up anybody in the NFL. Destroy them before they can even attempt a punch. Well, if you’re dealing with Adam “Pacman” Jones, aka a real motherfucka (in the nice way, I’m saying this guy is tough and will knock anyone out anywhere and not even think twice about it), then you better hope you’re able to kill him. Because if you don’t kill him, then he’s coming after you until you’re either knocked out or dead, as seen above.

The guy that attacked Pacman was arrested on two counts of battery. Police determined that Pacman wasn’t at fault.


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