Rockets are Making Carmelo a Priority

This makes absolute sense for Melo and the Rockets. Houston needs help on the wing, and even they Melo was the shittiest of the shit last season, he can definitely help Houston out. He ain’t as good as he once was, but he’s as good once as he ever was.

Carmelo does have a rough past with head coach Mike D’Antoni after he basically forced him to quit when he was the head coach of the Knicks. Maybe long time friend Chris Paul can play peacekeeper in that relationship, and maybe Melo can return to his All-Star ways.

Plus, Houston could’ve probably used Melo this past season in Game 7 when they missed 27 straight threes. I’m sure Melo could’ve either hit at least one, or run the streak up to 35. But for Houston to stay competitive with Golden State, they need to go out and get the greatest player in Olympic Basketball history.


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