Mount Rushmore of Hulu shows

Whether you have a Hulu account or mooch off someone else’s, you know Hulu is the shit and is the premier streaming service out there. Sorry Netflix, you have slipped over the last few years. They do keep their original shows on point though, like Bloodline and Stranger Things.

Here is my Mount Rushmore of Hulu shows in no particular order……

1. Family Guy

If there was a Mount Rushmore for shows of all time, this would probably be in it. I’ve seen every episode 100,000 times and still turn it on all the time almost by habit. This show has aged well too, as it seems to get funnier and funnier. Also Peter Griffin is my spirit animal.

2. South Park

Sticking with the animation theme here, you gotta have South Park in there. On the air for over 20 years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are brilliant writers and hilarious guys. Unlike family guy where it’s just random shit happening, South Park actually follows a plot each episode and even has a message behind most episodes. Also if you haven’t seen Trey Parker and Matt Stone do the voices here you go…..

You’re welcome.

3. Preacher

If you haven’t checked out preacher, what are you doing with your life honestly? If you like action, comedy, blood/gore, intense fighting and sexiness… you will love this show because it has it all. Directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan, Preacher is based on a comic book series and is about a preacher who has been possessed with a power to make anybody do anything. He sets out with his girlfriend (who is a bad ass mother fucker) and his friend who is a vampire to find God who is somewhere on earth. I just finished season 2 and let me just say I am blown away.

4. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

And last but definitely not least is everyone’s favorite…. Always Sunny. If I was doing the Mount Rushmore of shows to binge watch, this would most definitely be on the list. The characters are all funny as hell from Frank, Charlie, Dee, Dennis and Mac. Chardee Macdennis is my all time favorite episode. Good news is Charlie Day has also revealed a couple months back that the show is aiming for a season 15, which would break a record for longest running live action comedy series.


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