LeSean McCoy Denies Domestic Violence and PED Accusations


lesean mccoymccoy instaI really hope McCoy didn’t do this. Not just because he’s a good player, but because I hope no person in general would ever do this.

The Buffalo Bills have already announced that they’re looking further into the situation. You have to imagine that the NFL has already started to conduct an investigation of their own. I’m sure all the details will come out soon enough.

This is either the case of LeSean McCoy being an ultimate human piece of garbage, or a jealous ex-girlfriend trying to get back at him and ruin his life. The ex-girlfriend assumption that I’m developing is based off of McCoy’s denial, stating that he hasn’t talked to any of those people in months.

If McCoy is responsible for these actions, then ultimately he should be released, and without a doubt should never be allowed to play another down in the NFL, or any football league for that matter. If it’s all true, then I’m sure McCoy could even be looking at some jail time for assault, animal cruelty, and some form of child endangerment/abuse.


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