JR Smith is Starting to Accept that He Fucked Up

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Looks like JR has finally forgiven himself for driving Lebron out of Cleveland, and it looks like he’s ready to move on with his life.


No one in Cleveland will forget JR’s incident at the end of Game 1 anytime soon, but it looks like JR is trying to handle the situation by laughing it off. It’s a very effective strategy, and I respect the hustle. If you start laughing at jokes about yourself that everyone used to try to destroy you, then eventually they’ll realize it has no impact on you at all and they’ll just leave it alone. That’s my guess on the entire situation, but realistically we know JR probably never cared too much about the whole thing anyways. If they were able to sneak out a win in Game 1, then it just means they would’ve lost in five games instead of being swept. No harm, no foul JR. Just keep living life by your motto and everything will workout.

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