Jon Lester Can’t Buy His Own All-Star Jersey

Well for some reason, MLB hasn’t released everyone’s All-Star Jersey for sale. They have Javier Baez’ jersey up for sale, but not Jon Lester’s. Or even Willson Contreras. What a stupid way to spell Willson. Just make it Wilson.

Lester is probably looking for a jersey for his wife and kids to wear to the game, because if he’s buying an actual one for himself then that means that he’s extremely narcissistic, or just plain stupid and doesn’t realize that they actually give him one to wear to the game.

The 34-year old is having another solid season. He’s 11-2 on the year with a 2.45 ERA. I guess that’s good enough to be an All-Star. He’s undoubtedly the ace in the Cubs’ rotation, and it’s important for him to continue his strong season after the all-star break if the Cubs want to climb over the Brewers so they can sit atop of the NL Central standings.


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