It’s Time for the 2008 Florida Gators 30 for 30

Some people call the 2008 Florida Gators one of the best teams of all-time. Led by future Hall of Fame Head Coach Urban Meyer, the Gators won the National Championship while technically having two Heisman winners on the team. The team was also full of lunatics who have now had their fair share of off the field troubles. It’s crazy how well this team was able to perform, considering that they were all loose cannons. Let’s highlight some of the most important players from this team.

Tim Tebow

tebow florida










Tebow was one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all-time. He has a Heisman Trophy to go on his resume (idk how to put that weird ass accent thing on there), and he also has two National Championships. His NFL career didn’t work out the way he wanted it to, but maybe things will workout for him in baseball (probably won’t). It’s crazy that Florida was basically being led by a preacher while the rest of the team was so crazy.

Cam Newton

cam newtonCam Newton was the backup on the Florida team. He saw limited action, but when he did see the field he was pretty effective. Everyone knows the story about Cam being dismissed, as he had to work hard to erase his label as a laptop thief. Newton went JUCO after being dismissed, and found his way back to SEC football when he committed to Auburn. He would go on to win the Heisman trophy and the National Championship with Auburn. He was then selected first overall.

Aaron Hernandez

aaron hernandezYeah, everyone knows the story about this guy too. Aaron Hernandez was one of the most dangerous players in the NFL (no pun intended). He had a rare skill set of speed and size, and was able to form probably the greatest tight end duo of all-time with Rob Gronkowski. Unfortunately, we found out this guy was a lunatic. He was convicted for murder. Beat a double murder case. And there was another unsolved murder that he might’ve been connected to. So basically, he might’ve killed four people. Just some crazy stuff to think about.

Riley Cooper

riley cooper

Cooper was an effective weapon at Florida. He was drafted in the mid-rounds by the Eagles. Well in 2013, Cooper went on a bit of a racist rant at a country concert. It upset a lot of people in his locker room, naturally, and he saw his fair share of fights in training camp which probably had something to do with his comments. Cooper strangely had his best season in 2013, but fell off in 2014 and 2015. He was then cut by the Eagles and he hasn’t played since.

Janoris Jenkins


Jenkins has been in the news lately, since a dead body was kind of found at his house. Many overreacted right away and said Jenkins was the one that killed him, which was impossible since he had been in Florida since the end of Giants’ mini-camp. It came out that his brother was the one that killed the guy. You really can’t fault Jenkins too much since he wasn’t directly involved in the situation, but you can still put him in this group of dysfunctional people.

Percy Harvin

percy harvin.jpg

Harvin was another incredible talent. Talk about a guy that could absolutely fly. Harvin’s only problem? He was an absolute hothead. He had some failed drug tests too, but that was for weed. Nothing too serious. Harvin’s biggest issue was the way he acted towards teammates and coaches. He has a history of fighting with former teammates, like Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate. There’s also plenty of altercations that involved Harvin and coaches, like when he spent a couple of minutes screaming at Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier on National TV. There’s also a lot of other incidents that have been reported from practice issues. One time he attacked the receivers coach at Florida, and threw him to the ground by his neck. The guy was just an absolute hothead.

Pouncey Twins

pouncey twins.jpg
These two were Florida’s best offensive linemen. They both have also had their fair share of off the field trouble, which mostly involves assault at a night club. The charges against the two were dropped. Mike Pouncey was also involved in that whole Miami Dolphins bullying case, but I don’t think that’s too big of a situation.

These were just some of the bigger names on that Florida team that have had their fair share of troubles. There’s plenty of other players too, like Ronnie Wilson. Wilson beat up a guy at night club and then pulled an AK-47 on him. Normal shit.

A 30 for 30 or some other kind of documentary would be interesting to see about this team. A group of guys that were all so different, and who for the most part had issues of their own, or committed wrongful acts of their own. Except for Tebow. It’d just be intriguing to see how this team operated behind the scenes, and how they were able to develop into National Champions despite all the issues.







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