I Love the Cincinnati Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4-0 lead don’t mean shit Cleveland!! And yeah, I quit watching after the 4th inning. So what?? I watched the 9th, that’s all that matters.

Joey Fucking Votto. That’s why you pay the man. One of the best players in baseball. Silence the haters baby!!!!!

I’m ready to run through a brick wall.

Going for the sweep tomorrow, and our dominance over the AL Central will continue. Can’t help but imagine that we’d be leading that division if we were in it. I mean the record doesn’t lie. Do the research.

So hyped up. Ready to run up to Cleveland tonight to buy tickets so I can see tomorrow’s sweep in person.

It’s like I just shotgunned 15 red bulls. I love the Reds. I love when we’re good. Just imagine if we didn’t have that shitty 3-18 start.

Alright, goodnight. Love you Cincinnati.

Reds are only 11 games out of the Wild Card. Unrealistic shot. But hell, you never know.


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