France Defeats Belgium to Advance to World Cup Final

I’m writing this with no AC in my house. It just randomly went out. I’m sweating like crazy. This is a miserable life to live, and I don’t know what I did to deserve it.

Congrats to France on their victory in the World Cup Semifinal, and congrats to me for winning my first bet of the World Cup. Is it sad that it’s taken all the way up to the Semifinals for me to win a bet? Sure. But I finally won, so it doesn’t matter how much I lost.

Samuel Umtiti scored the only goal of the game. Hell of a name son. Keep up the good work.

France will play the winner of England and Croatia for the World Cup Championship (I guess you’d call it a championship? Or do you just say for the World Cup?)

You can checkout the England and Croatia game tomorrow at 2 PM EST on Fox.


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