Former Indiana Quarterback Says a Former Coach Called Hitler a “Great Leader”

It’s never a good look when you publicly support Hitler. Well, it’s never really a good look when you support him privately, either.

Former Indiana Quarterback Zander Diamont came out and said that a former IU coach once said Hitler wasn’t a great leader, and the only person that comes to mind is former Head Coach Kevin Wilson.

I could definitely see this happening since Wilson was fired from Indiana for apparently physically abusing his players. He apparently even drove some into a deep depression from the way he was treating them.

Now again, it’s not confirmed that Kevin Wilson is the coach that Diamont is talking about here. But since I am a Michigan fan and Wilson now works for Ohio State, I’m saying that he’s undoubtedly the one to blame.

I guess Wilson never learned from Marge Schott about what happens when you publicly support Hitler. The backlash you receive is NEVER good. Rightfully so.

Diamont retired from football while he was still at Indiana, and apparently none of the coaches were the reason. Which I doubt, I believe they played some factor. Diamont decided to give up the sport so he could avoid any future head trauma.


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