Ace’s Picks of the Day: 7/10/2018

France +150 vs Belgium

I know nothing about soccer. I like Griezmann. I’m betting on France for fun.

Yankees -1.5 (-150) and -220 @ Orioles

Yankees are good at baseball. Baltimore isn’t.

Reds +195 @ Indians

Reds are looking to go up 2-0 in the series. A win tonight clinches the Ohio Cup. Betting on the hottest team in baseball.

Brewers -145 @ Marlins

Every single time I bet against the Marlins, they win. This is my last time betting against them if the win again.

Braves -130 vs Blue Jays

Great matchup tonight in Teheran vs Stroman. Braves offense is a lot better than Toronto’s. That simple.

Cardinals -1.5 (-115) and -175 @ White Sox

The All-Star Miles Mikolas gets the start and the White Sox suck.

Twins -175 vs Royals

Yeah I just keep picking against the teams that suck. It’s a good strategy.

Astros -1.5 (-115) and -220 vs Athletics

The Astros only gave up two runs last night, but the only problem is that they didn’t score any. The A’s haven’t allowed a run in 23 innings. That ends tonight. If Houston can score literally one run, then I think they’ll be alright with Verlander on the mound.

Mariners +138 @ Angels

I have no reason for this pick. I just want to cheer for Mike Leake.

Dodgers -160 @ Padres

Padres suck Dodgers don’t. Continuing with my strategy.

Giants -108 vs Cubs

A pretty good matchup with Cueto vs Quintana. Always gotta cheer for my boy Johnny. The Giants were able to defeat the Cubs in extra innings last night, 2-1.


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