Lebron’s “King of LA” Mural Has Already Been Vandalized

There’s surprisingly a lot of Lakers fans that are mad about Lebron signing with their team, and it’s just absolutely ridiculous. What is there to be mad about? The best player in the world just signed with your team, so stop bitching and moaning about it. Now that he’s on your team, you all actually have a chance to be relevant again for reasons besides Lavar Ball.

Some say that they’re afraid that Lebron may pass Kobe as the greatest Laker of all-time, which is just another absolutely ridiculous claim. Lebron will never win 5 rings with LA to catch Kobe, and there’s a really good chance that he doesn’t even win one ring because of those fuckass Warriors ruining the NBA.

I doubt Lebron cares too much about his little mural being vandalized. He probably never knew it existed. He’s sitting somewhere in Europe probably listening to some unreleased Kenrick Lamar while sipping on his third bottle of wine for the day. I haven’t checked his Instagram story lately because I really don’t care, but I’m guessing that’s how he’s been spending his days.

Lakers fans, stop being idiots and just be happy that you won the Lebron sweepstakes.


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