Happy Birthday OJ Simpson

On this day 71 years ago, a legend was born.

OJ Simpson was a star running back at USC and for the Buffalo Bills. Throw in a minor stint with the 49ers, and you’re looking at a career that was good enough to be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. OJ also was a very successful actor, and even did some work with NBC Sports.

Let’s take a look at some of the best moments in OJ’s career.

One of OJ’s best games in his career came on Thanksgiving Day in the 1973 season, the year he rushed for over 2000 yards. He absolutely killed the Lions defense that day.

Look at this guy. The Heisman Winner put USC on his back and carried them to victory. It’s almost like he’s driving on an open freeway whenever he touches the ball, because no one can catch him!

The most impressive moment in OJ’s career came in 1995, when he was able to evade the defensive players in the court room while “scoring a touchdown” (having his first degree murder charge found not guilty).


That wraps it up for our OJ Simpson Birthday Celebration. I’d love to see the juice get loose tonight and kill it out there on the dance floor.


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