Cincinnati Has Three All-Stars

First off, you probably notice that there’s a lot of Reds talk on this website. Well duh, they’re my favorite team. They’re also CMac’s favorite team. If you don’t like the Reds, then you don’t like America.

Last night, the MLB All-Star Rosters were released and our Cincinnati Reds were able to put three guys on the team. When was the last time that a team that was last in the division had three all-stars?

The only complaint I have is that Scooter isn’t starting over Javier Baez.

I was also surprised by Votto’s selection. Like I just said, I thought Scooter should have undoubtedly been a starter, and I thought Suarez should’ve been a backup behind Arenado since he is kind of leading the NL in RBIs. Everyone knows Votto is good enough to be an All-Star, but I just wasn’t sure if he would get enough votes to be put on the roster.

Having three all-stars goes to show that we are moving in the right direction. With our youth getting better every and every day, and our starting pitcher actually being competent, we’ve been winning a lot lately and it feels GOOD.

This might not be the year that we’re able to make the playoffs due to an absolutely miserable 3-18 start, but if we finish the year around .500 then everyone in the fan base will be extremely optimistic heading into next season.

World Series 2021. Book it. Maybe even 2020.reds



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