Ace’s Picks of the Day: 7/9/2018

Phillies -125 @ Mets

The Mets are awful

Red Sox -1.5 (-120) and -220 vs Rangers

Eduardo Rodriguez is on the mound. Mike Minor gets the start for the Rangers and he’s been good lately, but this Red Sox lineup is too much to handle.

Phillies -178 @ Mets

The Mets are awful and Aaron Nola is pitching in game 2 of the doubleheader

Rays -190 vs Tigers

Detroit hasn’t won a series since who knows when, so I expect them to start this series out on the losing end. Also riding with Chris Archer.

Reds +152 @ Indians

Cincinnati’s coming off a series loss against the Cubs, but in all reality the Reds should’ve swept that series and if you don’t agree with me then I’ll kick your ass. The Indians are pretty good, but there’s not many teams playing better baseball than the Reds lately, and I really don’t know if there’s any teams at all. Plus, why would I ever bet against the Reds?

Brewers -1.5 (+105) and -145 @ Marlins

Miami just beat the Nationals 10-2, but surely to god that was a fluke. Right? They suck, the Brewers are good. Just gonna go with Milwaukee.

Twins -1.5 (-105) and -200 vs Royals

Kansas City has lost 9 in a row. Swept in three straight series. I just love betting against teams that suck.

Astros -1.5 (-130) and -240 vs A’s

Gerrit Cole is really good. The Astros are really good too. I secretly bet on the Astros every single night, even though their odds are usually shit. Oh well, I’ve still made more than I’ve lost.

Dodgers -260 @ Padres

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