Kam Chancellor Kind of Retires from Football

So there it is. Kam Chancellor has to give football up due to some neck issues that are causing him to not be medically cleared. It sucks for football fans because now we’re losing the opportunity to get to see one of the best defensive players in the league every week. Hope the injury doesn’t have too much of an impact on Chancellor’s life away from football, and hopefully he enjoys “retirement”. Why the quotations? Because this guy is still getting that big.

If you’re Kam, it kind of sucks that you aren’t able to play the game anymore that you have played your whole life. But it must be pretty nice to know that you’ll at least get $11.4M over the next two years just to sit on your ass.

I really wish I had this issue of not being able to play football while collecting $11.4M, but instead I just have the issue of living a shitty life. Oh well, it’s not like I could control my happiness anyways. Just have to keep pushing so I can pay my taxes and die.

The start of the NFL season is 67 days away.



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