JJ Redick Re-Signs with the 76ers

This was actually a really important move for the 76ers to make. Philly needed to make sure they had some kind of threat from outside, just in case Markelle Fultz is broken. Even if Fultz does become what he is expected to be, it’s still important to have someone like Redick sit out behind the three point line so Simmons can use the old drive and dish move and give it to someone that will knock down a wide open three almost 100% of the time.

It’s also very smart of the 76ers to sign JJ for only a year. Like I said, they get the shooter that they need this season, but with his salary off the books for sure next season, they’ll have the flexibility to go after a shooting guard like Klay Thompson or Jimmy Butler. Luring Klay Thompson away from Golden State is unlikely, but to remain with the Warriors he may have to take a pay cut. If the 76ers keep improving, then maybe Klay will see Philly as place he can go to continue winning while getting a max deal.

But enough with the 2019 NBA Free Agency talk, and let’s focus on 2018 Free Agency for now.


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