Celtics First-Round Pick Robert Williams Missed His Flight Back to Boston, Absent for Start of Summer League Practice

Many predicted that Williams was going to be a lottery pick, but he shockingly fell to Boston at 27th. A lot of organizations didn’t want to waste a pick on Williams, as they all felt like he wasn’t a hard worker and he wouldn’t make the best use of his talent. Danny Ainge and Boston decided to take a risk on him at 27th, knowing that this would be a great value pick if Williams could actually act like he wanted to play basketball.

Well, Bob Williams. You’re off to a pretty rough start.

I wonder what could make someone oversleep and miss their first ever NBA practice. There’s the possibility that he was up playing Fortnite all night (damn millennials) but there’s also a possibility that he was out partying, celebrating becoming an NBA player.

Williams definitely has the talent to help the Celtics out immediately. He just needs to get his head on straight and get to work before Danny Ainge trades his ass.


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